Animal Health Emergency Management with Shauna Mellish

Shauna Mellish is the outreach coordinator for the Animal Health Emergency Management Program. She joins the podcast to talk about the importance of being prepared for a serious animal health emergency.
00:001:37   Welcome and Introductions 

1:383:32 Who is Animal Health Canada

3:336:14 What is emergency health management mean?

6: 15 – 10:21 Why is it important to be prepared for emergencies in livestock operations?

10:2212:37   The consequences of a serious disease outbreak

12:38 - 14:38 What to do if you suspect an unusual disease outbreak

14:39 - 16:31 What are the clinical signs of foot and mouth disease

16:3219:12 What happens once an exotic disease is reported?

19:13 -20:10   The importance of premises identification

20:11 - 24:28   What would happen once FMD was confirmed?

24:29- 26:29  Where can producers go for help? 

26:3029:04 AHEM resources for producers

29:0531:00  Wrap up and summary

Link to Animal Health Emergency Management Website and Resources
Animal Health Emergency Management with Shauna Mellish
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