Assisting cows at calving with Dr. Jennifer Pearson

Dr. Jennifer Pearson from the University of Calgary joins the podcast to discuss when to intervene in calvings and the consequences of dystocia in beef cows and calves.

BCRC Web Link:  Calving 911:  When and How to Assist with a Difficult Birth

00:002:42   Welcome and Introductions 

2:434:25   What does the term dystocia mean?

4:267:08 What should a normal calving look like?

7:098:30 What signs should we look for to identify cows that need assistance?

8:31  – 10:20 How common are dystocias in beef cows currently in Canada?

10:2114:35 What are the consequences to the calf and cow of experiencing calving difficulty?

14:3616:44 How to decide when to intervene in a calving?

16:4521:15 When do we need to call for assistance?

21:16- 24:45 What can we do to ensure better outcomes once the calf is delivered?

24:4627:09   Preventing dystocias from occurring 

27:1028:00 Wrap up

Assisting cows at calving with Dr. Jennifer Pearson
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