Bovine Influenza A virus

This week, Dr. Nathan Erickson and Dr. John Ellis join me to discuss the emergence of Bovine influenza A virus in cattle.  We discuss what is currently known about this emerging disease issue at this point in time.  New information is being acquired about the impacts and spread of Bovine Influenza A virus and this podcast gives information on the disease as known around April 12, 2024.   Please rely on your local veterinarians or government veterinary offices for the most up to date information on this issue.  Emerging diseases remind us of the importance of preventive practices.  Using raw colostrum only from your own herd, not introducing orphan calves or nurse cows from dairy herds and quarantining new animals for 21 days will help prevent the introduction of diseases like Bovine Influenza A virus, Foot and Mouth Disease, and many other diseases.  Find tips at

00:00 –Welcome and introductions

04:10 – Clinical signs seen in dairy cow outbreaks in US

08:06 -  A primer on Influenza viruses

10:28 – Influenza D virus role in respiratory disease in cattle

12:15 – Hosts for Influenza A virus

16:09 – High pathogenic vs low pathogenic influenza viruses

18:21 – How influenza viruses change and jump to other species

20:00 – Possible ways of spread of Bovine influenza A virus

25:00 – Possibility of Bovine Influenza A virus in beef cattle

27:14 – Human health implications

28:29 – Herd to herd spread and biosecurity precautions

31:59 – Summary and Wrap-up

Bovine Influenza A virus
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