Calfhood Vaccinations with Dr. Nathan Erickson

Dr. Nathan Erickson from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine joins me to discuss calfhood vaccination programs with particular emphasis on intranasal vaccines. How do they differ from injectable vaccines and some suggestions about the best management practices for administration.
  • 00:0001:50  Welcome and Introductions 
  • 1:502:53   Age categories for young calf vaccinations
  • 2:535:07  What diseases can we vaccinate young calves for?
  • 5:079:03  Immune system development in the calf
  • 9:0311:33 The effect of maternal immunity on vaccine response
  • 11:33 - 17:45     Intranasal vs Injectable Vaccines: What’s the difference?
  • 17:4519:30 Evidence of vaccine protection against summer pneumonia of calves
  • 19:3021:00     Intranasal vaccines currently available in Canada
  • 21:0025:08  Best practices for administering modified live intranasal vaccines
  • 25:0828:10 The importance of working with your veterinarian to design a vaccination protocol

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Calfhood Vaccinations with Dr. Nathan Erickson
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