Colostrum Management with Dr. Claire Windeyer

Dr. Claire Windeyer from the University of Calgary School of Veterinary Medicine joins the podcast to discuss the importance of colostrum in neonatal beef calves and gives advice on how and when to intervene.  She also discusses the pros and cons of various methods of colostrum supplementation.

BCRC Calving Management Link with Resources on Colostrum:

00:002:10   Welcome and Introductions 

2:115:02   Why is colostrum important for newborns?

5:035:49 How long can calves effectively absorb antibodies after birth?

5:508:25 How much colostrum does a calf require?

8:2610:54 Assessing colostrum quality in beef cows

10:5512:40 Factors affecting colostrum quality

12:4115:00 What are the consequences in calves getting inadequate colostrum?

15:0116:32 How common is less than adequate colostral intake occurring?

16:33 - 20:42 Risk factors for inadequate transfer of immunity

20:4324:55 When to intervene and supplement a calf

24:5626:25 Best option for colostrum supplementation

26:2628:11 The dangers of utilizing purchased dairy colostrum

28:12 - 30:55 What to look for when using colostrum replacers

30:5632:38 Storing and using extra colostrum

32:3935:45 Bottle vs Tube Feeding Colostrum

35:3038:20 Assessing colostrum management in a herd

38:2139:30  Wrap up

Colostrum Management with Dr. Claire Windeyer
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