Interpreting a Feed Analysis Report with Jenifer Heyden

Jenifer Heyden is a livestock extension specialist with the Ministry of Agriculture in Saskatchewan. She walks us through how to interpret the basics of a feed analysis report.
00:0002:00 Welcome and Introductions

02:01 - 03:28 Moisture and Dry Matter

03:29 - 05:44 Dry Matter Intake Estimates and factors that affect DMI

05:4507:03 As Received vs Dry Matter

07:04 - 09:50 Energy Estimates: TDN, Net Energy (maintenance, gain and lactation)

09:5113:47 Protein Estimates:  Crude Protein, DIP, UIP, ADFCP, NDFCP, Adjusted Crude Protein

13:4815:37   Rules of thumb for Crude Protein and TDN at different stages of gestation/lactation

15:3817:35   Acid Detergent Fiber vs Neutral Detergent Fiber

17:36 - 20:26 Maximum NDF values for cow rations

20:2723:21 Calcium and Phosphorus ratios

23:2226:22 Magnesium and Potassium (Tetany ratios)

26:2329:31 Sodium levels, Sulfur levels, body condition scoring

29:3230:39 Where can producers get help?

30:4031:35 Wrap up



Interpreting a Feed Analysis Report with Jenifer Heyden
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