Preventing Calf Diarrhea with Dr. Elizabeth Homerosky

Dr. Elizabeth Homerosky from Veterinary Agri-Health Services in Airdrie, Alberta joins me to discuss the prevention of calf scours.
00:002:51   Welcome and Introductions 

2:524:02 Importance of neonatal calf diarrhea in cow-calf herds

4:036:48 What are the pathogens that are associated with calf diarrhea?

6:497:29 When are diagnostics important?

7:308:42 Strategies to employ to minimize risk of diarrhea

8:43 - 11:00 Sandhills calving system effectiveness

11:01 - 13:15 How do you implement the Sandhill’s calving system?

13:16 –  17:03 The Foothills Calving System

17:0419:10   How to implement a new calving system on your ranch

19:1120:31   Using these calving systems on more intensive operations

20:3222:10 Other challenges with implementing new calving systems

22:1125:43 The importance of colostrum and an easy method for deciding if a calf needs supplemental colostrum

Preventing Calf Diarrhea with Dr. Elizabeth Homerosky
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