Utilizing Low Quality Forages with Dr. Gabriel Ribeiro

Dr. Ribeiro joins me to discuss management tips for utilizing low quality forages in a winter feeding program.
00:001:57   Welcome and Introductions 

1:583:24 Defining a low quality forage

3:254:57 Common characteristics of low quality forages

4:58- 7:05 How do they impact animal health and performance?

7:06 - 9:57   Management issues to consider when utilizing lower quality forages

9:58 - 14:04 The importance of identifying animal classes that can utilize these feeds

14:05 - 16:03 Fiber levels impact on feed intake

16:0425:45 Supplementation when feeding low quality forages

25:46-29:18   Post harvest physical treatments

29:19-34:00   Post harvest chemical treatments

34:01-38:51  Summary and Wrap up

Link to a BCRC webinar where Dr. Ribeiro presents on this topic


Utilizing Low Quality Forages with Dr. Gabriel Ribeiro
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